Thursday, October 12, 2017

Words 2 Craft By - A Little late...

Our words for this challenge come to us from Albert Camus.

The flowers were punched from three shade of gold.  I didn't have the right color bras for the centers, so I heat embossed them in bronze powder. 

Sorry this is late posting.  I have had major issues this week.  On Sunday, we had such a heavy downpour that our window wells in our basement filled up with water.  I had to go out and unclog a gutter, no problem, right?  Right!!  Except, my phone was in my back pocket.  Ruined my iPhone.  I was able to back it up to my Surface because my computer wasn't running right.  Transferred some files back and forth and and infected them both.  Got them cleaned up, and things still weren't right.  The router was fried in the storm. Insurance took care of the phone.  Cable company replaced the router.  Computer and Surface are healthy again.  The basement is dry.  The gutters are clear.  All is right with the world!!

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  1. Wow, Bobbi.. You really have had quite a week. Sorry to hear you had to deal with all of that. And, yet, in spite of all that, you made a terrific card and published post. That's dedication! Hope you have a calm, relaxing weekend.