Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OWH Mid Week Throw Down - Easter!!!

OWH Mid Week Thrown Down - Easter.  I have been a little absent from my creative endeavors.  Life gets in the way.  Been working more.  Basketball season for my son is in full swing.  Had to travel this past weekend to work on cleaning out my mother's house.  I am struggling to accomplish anything.  I wander around my house a lot.

Case in point - how hard can it be to make an Easter card?!?  I had some embellishments that I bought after Easter last year, and wanted to use them.  OK, but no Happy Easter stamp.  Found a "Blessings" stamp from Above Rubies Studio that worked.  Found an ink to match the embellishment - also from Above Rubies Studio.  This took 2 hours?  Really?!?

Here is my Easter card. I still want to make a light box - I think it would improve my pictures a LOT. 


  1. I love the embossing on your card! I sometimes spend way too long on a card too but then it gets my creative juices going and I can make more cards. I love your sweet card and hope you can find more time to craft!

  2. love the embossing... 2 hours doesn't seem so bad... it takes me a minimum of 4 hours, even when I have a sketch... gonna have to use you as my motivation, so I'll be back!

  3. Lol... I feel your pain, with the wandering and the 2 hours worth of staring at the paper!! Some days that just happens. :) hugs help. Here's one! *hug*

    You did a fine job and I love that embossing pattern!

  4. Hi Bobbi,

    Sorry to hear life has been so complicated lately. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love the tag on this card. It is so darn cute. And, I am also amazed by how much time it can take me to make a card. Sounds like we've got lots of company in that department. :)

    Hang in there and take care.