Sunday, September 8, 2013

OWH Sketch Challenge #189

Ever hear about Pinterest fails?  That is when you see a great idea, try it, and the result is a disaster.  Well, this is my OWH fail.  I tried, I really did.  This one is bound for the trash.

The sketch looks like this:

189 sketch (Sept 8) 

Here is mine:
Sigh.  I redid this at least 4 times.  Proportions wrong, colors wrong, wah wah wah.  My outcomes are not always in line with my vision, but I always learn something.  I decided the make something that I liked!  I love pinwheel cards.  I love hexagons.  Let's combine them!!!

I will call these a win!!!  And after my week, I needed a win. 


  1. Sweet cards! Those pinwheel cards are awesome!!!

  2. I love your pinwheel/hexagon cards! And I share your pain with having difficulty with a sketch. There are many times I just can't make it work either. Sometimes it is the supplies causing my issues (trying to use paper that just does not lend itself to a certain sketch---patterns too big for a card, or the prettiest part of the paper gets hidden by a certain sketch element.)

    And I totally agree with making something you love instead. I end up making patchwork quilt cards when frustrated, and usually it is with the very paper that frustrated me...I chop it up into little squares that have no choice but to sit side by side with other little squares. :)

  3. We are hardest on ourselves. Your card (all 4, actually) is fine, just not what you were hoping for.

  4. There's nothing bad about your sketch card because that sentiment is wonderful. The pinwheel cards are adorable! Think I'll give that a try.